Where's Android?

Hello Carma Fans!

For our first update of the New Year we thought that we'd remind you that Carmageddon is coming to Android soon, and give you a sneaky peek at work in progress...

Are these the ‘droids you're looking for?

There is a whole universe of Android phones and tablets out there, and it is tricky to test them all - that's where you come in.

You can help us by letting us know what flavour of electronic wizardry you have in your hot little hands, so head on over to our Android Survey page and fill out the form. We can't promise that we'll support every device out there, but knowing what's most popular will help us focus our resources.

Thanks for being patient while we lovingly prepare another funsize dose of Carma for you. Your ability to perform a Cunning Stunt on the device of your choosing is important to us.

Remember to keep an eye on Carmageddon.com as we've got more Carmageddon: Reincarnation development blogs coming soon.