Engines, Start Your Gentleman!

Better get yer string-back gloves on and lube up yer injection ports… ONLY TWO WEEKS TO GO!

That’s right!! Only 14 days left until the PRE-ALPHA Early Access release of Carmageddon: Reincarnation on Steam becomes available to everyone! YAY!!

Our lucky VIP Kickstarter (and Paypal) Backers are getting a Sneaky Peek of the Build from TODAY! So if you’re one of those lucky so-and-so’s, you’ll be receiving your Steam Code VERY SHORTLY!! Thanks again, KS Carmafans – and ENJOY THE RIDE!!

For the rest of you who have yet to get your orders in, we have now added a Pre-Order page, so if you missed the Kickstarter Campaign AND the Paypal offer, then this is for you!

Visit the Pre-Order Page!

Below is the latest press release, plus a super juicy FAQ - which has some really handy information about the Early Access release, so please be sure to give it a read! HANG ON TO YER HELMETS!!

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Official Press Release

Carmageddon: Reincarnation Backers Get Early Access Preview

Thursday, 13th March 2014. Stainless Games Ltd., Newport, Isle of Wight, UK. Carmageddon: Reincarnation, a videogame for PC being released via Steam’s “Early Access” facility, is today released in advance of its scheduled Early Access launch date, as part of the “Rewards” package for Backers who part funded the game’s development on Kickstarter. The game, currently at pre-alpha stage of development, will be available exclusively for “VIP Backers” (who funded the game at the qualifying tier) for two weeks before the full Early Access launch on 27th March. Stainless ran a successful campaign on Kickstarter (the popular crowd-funding service) in 2012, raising over $600k of funding.

“With the game at a point where we know that playing it is already great fun, it feels like the right point to get it out there. Launching the game now means that we can get invaluable feedback from the community playing the game, which will help us to make the finished game the best it can be.” said Neil “nobby” Barnden, Carmageddon Brand Director.

The game is described as, “Like driving through rivers of livers. It’s the antidote to racing games.” by Patrick Buckland, Stainless Games CEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is this game getting the Early Access treatment? A: We are releasing Carmageddon as an Early Access title because we know you fans have been waiting for it a year longer now than we originally intended. And so, with the game at a point where we know that playing it is already great fun, it feels like the right point to get it out there. Launching the game now means that we can get invaluable feedback from the community playing the game – feedback that’s both gameplay and tech dev related – which will help us to make the finished game the best it can be.

So – this is the really important bit. Only buy the game if you’re prepared to experience the bugs, glitches and crashes that inevitably come with a game that is in a pre-alpha state. This game is in development, it’s still got months of work left before it’s stable and complete. A lot of code and art has still to be written and created. Yes, it’s great fun to play, but you’re going to find that from update to update there will be the inevitable problems associated with an unfinished product, including: missing features, slow load times, variable frame-rate, crashes, etc.

Of course we’ll keep you updated on what you can expect to see in each update, and what’s still to come, on the Steam Page, forums and on Carmageddon.com.

Q: What does “Pre-Alpha” mean? A: Pre-Alpha means that the game still has a scheduled list of code and assets to be written and created. The game is buggy, it lacks features, it’s prone to crashing and performance issues. There will be issues with the frame-rate of the game, and things that work in one release being a bit broken in the next. Pre-Alpha means that the game has not yet reached the stage of completion where it can be described as “Alpha”.

Q: And what does “Alpha” mean then? A: Alpha is when the game can be played in its entirety without any 100% repeatable bugs that block progress. All Content is present however it will contain placeholder material.

Q: They speak also of “Beta”? A: Beta is when all placeholder material has been replaced with final assets, and ideally there are no Priority 1, A and B class bugs remaining.

Q: So when is the bloody game going to be at the “Final Release” stage then? A: When we say, “It’s ready!” Which is currently, “later on this year”. Precise date TBC as soon as we can.

Q: Will the price change after Early Access? A: Yes – the game will be more expensive when the Final Release goes live.

Q: When do we get Multiplayer? A: It’s one of our highest priorities, and will follow in an Update as soon as possible.

Q: What do I, as a Kickstarter (or Paypal) VIP Backer get in the game at the VIP Early Access release on 13th March? A: On the 13th of March, all the KS Backers who paid $25 and above (and Paypallers who paid $35) for the VIP Tier can access the game. This Early Early Access build features the following (unfinished) content:

  • The “Rig Wreck” level
  • The “Classic Carma” Game Mode (kill all opponents, or kill all peds, or complete the laps)
  • Two race routes
  • The player’s car – the Eagle R
  • Five opponents:
    • Caddy Fat Cat
    • Cleaver
    • Countslash
    • The Twister
    • Towmeister
  • The Cop APC
  • A big bunch of PowerUps (we call ‘em “PUps”)
  • A selection of peds, including special guest nuns as stand-ins until the penguins arrive
  • Action Replay

Q: What, only one unfinished level? A: Let me explain the reason for this. When the Kickstarter Backers get their hands on the game for the first time, we’re going to get our first experience of “mass feedback” to the bugs and issues you’ll be reporting back to us. It’s therefore really important for us to begin the process in a carefully managed way, and limit the amount of data you have to play with for that first two week period. This will allow us much more focus on dealing with anything fundamental that might show up either game-side or in our feedback management.

Q: And what’s going to be available at the Early Access general release on the 27th March? A: At that point the VIP KS game will be updated and even more content will be unlocked. We will announce exactly what is in that release at the time (the exact content is still being finalised). Our QA will be assessing what can be in that build right up to the wire, and so we cannot be more specific about the additional content at this point.

Q: How do I get the updates? A: They happen automatically via Steam – they don’t require you to do anything other than have downloaded the game, and have your Steam software running.

Q: How often will the game be updated? A: There will be regularly scheduled Updates – and possibly also at irregular intervals, if something (for instance, Multiplayer) gets finished and we really want to get it out ASAP.

Q: How do I know what’s in an Update? A: There will be a Changelog thread on Carmageddon.com here, that will detail updates and bug fixes for each release. Each release of the game will have an identifying number, which will be permanently displayed on-screen all the time. This way we can also easily track bugs and feedback that includes screenshots, as they’ll show us the version being played.

Q: What platforms will Early Access support? A: The Early Access release is for Windows PC only, via Steam. Following the Final Release, the game will also be ported to the Mac and Linux platforms, and the DRM-free non-Steam version will also be made available. As we said before, we are targeting other platforms besides PC, MAC and Linux and will make announcements when we know more.

Q: I’ve got some ideas about what would make the game even better. How do I give feedback? A: Get involved in the discussions on the Carmageddon.com forums! There are already some excellent threads, like this one about the cars, and this one on power ups.


Q: Can my PC run Carmageddon: Reincarnation? A: Our minimum spec is currently: OS Version: Win 7 64-bit Processor: Intel i3-3240 (3.4GHz) or equivalent Memory: 8Gb Graphics: 2Gb DirectX 11 (AMD HD 7800 series or equivalent) Network: N/A DirectX version: DX11 Disk Space: 4Gb Sound Card: DirectX compatible. Important: Spec will be revised continually during Early Access.

Q: How do I report an Early Access bug? A: If you can (and it’s appropriate) take a screenshot, then go to carmageddon.com/bugger, read the instructions and fill in the form there.

Q: The game doesn’t work! What do I do? A: We suggest you head over to Carmageddon.com’s support forums. Search the forum to see whether anyone else has the same sort of problem you are having.

Q: How can I change the graphics options? A: There are no options in-game to adjust the visual settings, they just aren’t ready yet. This includes changing the game from full screen mode to windowed. If you must *insist* on fiddling with things then you will need to edit the “config.lua” file. Editing this file is at your own risk, strange things may happen… If something strange does happen, delete the file and restart the game. A fresh config.lua file will be generated and all strangeness should be back to your normal levels. The config.lua file is in the Carmageddon_Reincarnation folder in your Steam library (default is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Carmageddon_Reincarnation)

Known issues with the current Steam build (Pre-Alpha v0.1.0.4369)

Currently if you go into the garage (the "Change Car" screen) to select a different car, using that car will cause in-game glitching and horrible slow-down of the game when repairing. This is the case for every car chosen except Twister. As a work-around to this known bug, if you want to change cars, take the following steps:

  • Go the the Change Car screen
  • Select a car (hit Return, and you'll see that car as your choice on the Grid screen)
  • Go back (Esc) until you're at the Main Menu
  • Exit the game
  • Re-run the game.

The car you selected previously will have been stored by the game, so you can go straight to a race without having to enter the Change Car screen, and the bug will be avoided.

Q: The Bonuses seem a bit random, what’s going on there then? A: They haven’t been properly balanced yet – don’t worry, they’ll be getting sorted out “in a future update”.

Appendix I

Nobby’s replies to questions that followed the Damage Tech video release (28 Feb 2014). The following answers we given in this forum thread (http://www.carmageddon.com/comment/47398#comment-47398) on Carmageddon.com. There are some slight amendments and clarifications in this text.

Q: Are we going to have access to that physics playground/debug mode used in the video in the early access? A: We want to include the physics/crush/damage testing mode in the game. If it’s not immediately in Early Access, it will be released at some point. And remember that CarMODgeddon will be opening up access to all the “IMP” (LUA scripted) windows that we use to alter in-game parameters.

Q: There's some very strange clipping happening around the 1:10 mark. Lots of car-in-car action there... A: We’ll never completely eradicate “car-in-car action” – some amount of clipping will always occur because it’s completely impossible to calculate per-poly collision detection if we want the game to have a useable frame-rate. So, the cars have a (deformable) series of simpler collision shapes that are used. But this is still being worked on and it’ll improve as development continues.

Q: Judging by that frame-rate, y'all buyers better get your CPUs ready because cause THIS ONE IS GONNA BE A BIG ONE! A: Frame-rate will currently be an issue on some PCs. Full optimisation of all our completely newly written code is ongoing, but it’s going to be one of the last areas of code to be finished, by definition. In the meantime we’ll give the player plenty of options of stuff to turn off or turn down to help keep the game running acceptably on the min spec PC. As the game gets closer to being complete and all the things we can do to optimise it get implemented, frame-rate will cease to be an issue.

Q: I have a weird feeling that cars are to light, will verify it on Earls Ass A: The problem with gravity is that it doesn’t look “right” to some people. We have had to actually INCREASE gravity to 1.3 times its actual force, because the cars have very powerful engines and brutal acceleration (in order to be fun to drive and damage each other in a way that feels satisfying), and when they get airborne or get launched off the scenery or each other they look like they’re flying! Of course, players will be able to mess around with settings such as gravity using the CarMODgeddon tools.

Q: The flat tires and the tires coming off the rims is another impressive addition but it must not become something that constantly ruins the fluidity of racing in my opinion. A: We will be balancing and tweaking the damage (it’s a constantly ongoing task) to make sure the balance is kept between getting damaged and doing damage, and being able to keep racing versus loosing tyres or wheels. It’s bloody good fun to keep going with only three wheels though, and try to do so without repairing!

Q: I would personally love the driver ejection to happen only if I desire for it to happen and have the option of wearing a seat belt or not. A: Driver ejection doesn’t stop you driving – this is Carmageddon so we are free to be surreal! And when you repair, your ejected driver flies back to the car along with all the other lost bits!

Q: I wonder what is the status on pedestrian walking and running physics, and what is the status on realistically goring them. A: There’s a lot planned for “realistically goring” pedestrians – think of a ped kebab, for instance, and you get the idea. Not all of this is working yet though.

Q: Don't you think that in the very first crash of the video The Twister received way more damage than it should have? A: Car damage balancing is ongoing as I previously mentioned. Also, the weapons on cars (Twister’s drill-bit, Cleaver’s wheels etc.) are designed to do exaggerated damage to cars and peds – but this is also being balanced and adjusted constantly too.

Q: Wonder how Nobby and the team feel knowing they're responsible for thousands of soiled and moist panties out there with this news post... A: We’re all proud of the amount of underwear soilage we may have caused with the video. Especially Patrick, who’s the big brain of code behind the damage.

Q: How much of the terrain can be damaged besides say the barriers? A: Terrain damage only limited by the amount of destructible accessories the artists add to the level. The tyre and wheel damage works on all of the cars.

Q: Are you going to have say when the wheels come off can the wheels either break? The tires on cars can deflate is this on all cars or just cars like Screwie that have large wheels to attack? A: Every car has access to the same set of damage settings, which are then tailored to be appropriate to the car in question.

Q: Please add sparkles, when the tire goes off the rim, and you are driving just the rim, that needs sparkles, and crashing needs it too of course. Car axles didn't bend when crashed. A: “Sparkles” are already in, but what with the level made of ice and the Action Replay being a bit broken in places, they aren’t showcased well this time around! There is also axle damage.

Q: Hey one question: will there be any multiplayer mode on the first round of Early Access? A: Multiplayer will be one of the things absent from the Early Access release on the 27th, but it is one of the highest priorities of features and will follow as soon as we can possibly manage, after the Early Access release.

Q: I'm still trying to work out if the street furniture, the barriers, are generating chunks when hit. A: Accessories can generate model based debris, so you might see chunks of crap fly off, say, a barrier that’s in addition to the major parts that are broken off.

Q: How moddable do you think the smoke effects will be? And will different parts of cars show different toughness? A: You’ll have access to the particle tool along with all the other IMP editors that our artists use. Setting up the car toughness is pretty complicated, as it’s designed with maximum versatility of customisation in mind – but I know you modders are a bloody bright bunch and you’ll be working wonders with it in no time!

Q: It wouldn’t be Carma for me if there aren’t challenge missions at all. A: There will be “Challenges”. Not specifically missions, but other things to do… that are a challenge.

Q: Would it be too hard to get the wheels act like wheels after they have been separated from the car? And will the wheelbase of the car be able to change from the crashes? A: Wheels do act like wheels when detached – but not always, and not always in Action Replay. It’s a pre-alpha thing. And you’d like the wheelbase of the car to change when it’s crushed? No problem, damage and PowerUps can massively deform the cars, which will also remain driveable even when hugely twisted, leading to some amazing results!

Q: To everyone who reported strange behaviour of damage and things in the video. A: 1. Yes, it’s pre-alpha and you’re going to continue to see strange things happen for a good few months yet! 2. Most of the video was shot in Action Replay, which – although it mostly works – still doesn’t manage to track everything consistently, particularly damage to both vehicles and the environment. And 3. It’s pre-alpha.

To everyone who asked the “what level is it?” question… It’s called the Rig Wreck, and it’s the grey-box of one of our smaller levels, and it’s effectively an update of the old Splat-Pack’s Ice Rig. A grey box level is one that’s in the early stages of development.