Carmageddon for your iOS is now free!

FREEY McFREEFACE!!! Now you can get Carmageddon on your iOS mobile thing… COMPLETELY FREE!

In a gesture of generosity unmatched since that beardy Xmas bloke turned all those loaves and fishes into WINE, we’ve slashed the price of the mobile version of Carmageddon to… ZERO PENCE. Yes… NOUGHT DOLLARS! NIL EUROS!! It’s the bargain of the millennium! Get it now, while stocks LAST!*

Unbelievably, this now 100% FREE Carmageddon comes with UPDATES too. It’s now got in-game support for Made For iPhone controllers! And you can save your favourite Action Replay videos to your device and share them with friend and foe alike on the Social Media THINGS!

*There is literally NO TIME LIMIT to this offer!!

Watch out for news coming soon of the same deal on the Android version of Carmageddon mobile! Plus… APPLE TV!

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Comments (2)

Pedmauler420's picture
Submitted by Pedmauler420 on Mon, 01/08/2016 - 19:36

You guys fucking rock, played a lot of racing games but Carmageddon has always been my most favorite!!! Have advertised, spoken about and put out video of playing C:MD, in hopes of getting more people informed about it. Everybody says I love twisted metal, I tell them play Carmageddon, you'll never think about twisted metal again. Twisted metal = Loser, Carmageddon = Winners!!!! Thanks again.

soulcall's picture
Submitted by soulcall on Mon, 26/12/2016 - 00:26

Its the best bloody gore racing game to play. If you have any spare time to kill, race or splat all the citizens away. Better run people...Guess who is Driving tonignt ? None of your business...Sorry, got to not save the place...