Carmageddon is Sick Sick Sick Sixteen!

Hey there Carmafans, nobby here! Announcing another anniversary bash on!

Yes, the 30th June marks 16 years since the most amazing driving game in Earth’s history first splattered blood and cow dung liberally across your monitor. And to celebrate Carma’s 16th, firstly we can announce the lucky person who got drawn out of the virtual hat and wins an original copy of the game in both autographed boxed and GOG code plus t-shirt plus drawing of a cock by Sim. Congratulations Jason Groombridge, we’ll be in touch soon to find out your preferred chest and cock size!

Plus, we’re positively preening with delight to announce another CARMA MOBILE FREELOADING FRENZY!! Yeah that’s right – Carmageddon for iOS and Android will be available for NOTHING worldwide through this whole weekend, June 28-30. Yoinks! So if you haven’t got round to getting it yet, then get it FREE you LUCKY PEOPLE. And if you're after the original PC version, currently have it in their Summer sale at $4.99!


Next, there’s the small matter of a BIG T-Shirt GIVEAWAY! That’s right - join us on Twitter over our Birthday weekend, and be in with a chance to win the t-shirt of your choice from the Carmageddon Store. We have 20 to give away to some lucky new Twat followers!

And last, but far from leastly, There’s also a new BLOG up today, in which I reveal not one, or two, but THREE new vehicle designs!!! Yes, cumming of age day = Call da COPS day in the Carmageddon: Reincarnation development blog department. I’m revealing the work that’s gone on and the plans for the new justice department mobile law enforcement fleet. The police motor pool (of blood) just got a (little) bit bigger… “Whatcha gonna do?” Find out more in the new Blog HERE!