Androids Wanted!

Hey there Carmafans, nobby here with an announcement! "Volunteers needed for special mission!" ...As my talking Action Man with "realistic" hair used to say.

A while back Gravedrinker posted a request for mobile users to let us know if they could help us test a Carma mobile title that’s being worked on. Thanks to all of you who responded to that – I know it’s been a while since that first request went out, but in a couple of days we’ll be contacting you all to give you the details of how to go about downloading the build to be tested.

When I say “you all”, in the first instance we’ll be running this testing with the Android users only whose devices meet the required specs – it’s beneficial to our testing that we test on a single platform. But don’t worry iOS people – development of the iOS version runs in parallel and the game remains completely dual platform.

Testing on Android things is set to begin on Thursday, 12th January.

Android spec has “firmed up” now, and the main driving factor for “min spec” on Android is the API level, which is 15, meaning any device that can at least run Android 4.0.3 'Ice Cream Sandwich'. Performance is also key, so using this comparison website, basically anything that has a higher score than 14800 on the performance rating should run the game.

Before we go ahead, I wanted to run a final recruitment round to gather any more volunteers who would like to jump into the Android testing. So, if you’d like to get involved, please go and fill in the form HERE!

Cheers Carmageddoneers!

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michael200013's picture
Submitted by michael200... on Sun, 09/04/2017 - 19:36

In what country its aviable to donload the beta in playstore i really want to play it that widebody eagle looks awesome and any little news on a new carmageddon this year pc/xbox1/and ps4

Dr. Gonzo's picture
Submitted by Dr. Gonzo on Thu, 11/05/2017 - 00:33

When will the IOS version begin taking testers?

ix's picture
Submitted by ix on Mon, 15/05/2017 - 15:47

You promised a linux version in the kickstarter 5 years ago. You've since released console versions (that we didn't donate money for!) and now an android version? Seriously...