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3D modeling and file manipulation on Android.

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3D modeling and file manipulation on Android.
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This is getting kinda interesting over here:
Deep Blue's Android modeling thread on CWA

Having gotten sick of the netbookI've been using for ages to make stuff for Carma, I decided to see what's out there for the 'droid seeing as I now mostly use a 7" HP Slate tablet for everything,
I'm attempting to do all my modeling/texturing and converting on my Android tablet.

So far the programs I've found that are extremely useful for modeling/converting stuff are-
Doktor3D's Sketcher3D
And an almost dead-on clone of SketchUp made by Autodesk for Androids called FormIt.

These progs are all available on the Googley Play Store for anywhere from $3-$6 for the full, unlimited versions (even though the free versions will still make/convert stuff-the full ones will do more and bigger stuff.)
Autodesk FormIt is free. Tbis is the one that works like SketchUp, only witcha fingaz instead of a pointer. The only drawback I can see so far is it saves Wavefront .obj files (which all the other progs listed will import/export) to a(the) 360 cloud (whateverthehell that is. I saved an .obj, but hell if I know where it went.)
The developer of FormIt says that the model import function is currently broken but they're working on it. I want 'em to set up local model file storage on the device instead of/in addition to that cloud. Imma head over to their blog an' light a fire under 'em cause apparently other folks want the same thing. So for now all I can do is draw/build stuff in FormIt but hey...I'll take it.
I'd like to learn to mod the mobile version. As I understand it now, I guess I have to learn to mod C:R first...
I'm driven by the same eventual boredom with the original C1 cars (good as they are, I want some variety. This is what drove me to figure out how to make new C1 cars for the PC some years ago, but alas...I'm old and rusty and technology has bypassed me some, but I'm no less determined.) Can somebody point me to a tut or knowledge base somewhere?

I figured I could maybe use these to try and make/mod stuff for the droid version of C1, but...I don't know enough about it yet-but....I can still use this stuff to mod the PC version(s).

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Submitted: Mon, 29/12/2014 - 15:05

For 3D modeling, try "Blender 3D" software:

It's free, but very powerful. It could be pain when you first try to use it, but there's many tutorials on youtube. Keep in mind, that 3D game models should have low polygon count. Try to find some "making 3D game assets" tutorials on youtube.

Here is my example (unfinished) hobbyist work in blender:

You can PM me if you have more questions about 3D modeling.

Good luck !

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Submitted: Sun, 04/01/2015 - 03:09

Oh I'm not new at modeling. I've been making stuff for C1 and C2 for years. What I'm referring to is modeling on an actual android device with fingers instead of on the pc. (The above examples being on my 'droid tablet.) So far I've found one very good app for doing so called Spacedraw by Scalisoft (shown with the Landau above) and another that works a lot like SketchUp. (Autodesk FormIt) I have a recent version of Blender on the pc but I don't use it much.
The other thing I want to learn is how to get to the assets and setup files in the funsize Carma. So far I haven't been able to do much except peek at filenames in the .obb with a hex editor.

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