Early Access Class Action

This competition is now closed.

Hey Carmafans! Sim here, its Competition time :D

We would like you to use the Early Access game to make us a video entitled “Carmageddon Comedy Clip”. Length doesn’t really matter (said no woman ever)… BUT no longer than a minute please (said no woman ever!). What I really want to see is the sort of footage that’ll make me wet myself laffing, whether it’s a couple of seconds of classic carnage or a minute of madly mangling moo-ers, but with the emphasis on FUNNY!

The winning videos will be the ones that make me and nobby laugh till we shart. It’s as simple as that, so get into the game now and start recording yourself mowing mofos down and smashing shit RIGHT UP!

Please read the HOW TO ENTER for more details!

Post your video entry in our forum here!


ONE lucky winner will receive these exclusive goodies that are sat at my desk in the office, sorry we can’t change the size of the tee! ...so prizes are:

  • One Large Carmageddon “Rhino Rimming” t-shirt, as worn by the team (unworn. But I could wear the winner’s one for a bit before we send it!)
  • One Cardmageddon card game
  • One set of Carmageddon Fridge magnets. (Features REALLY naughty words!)

We will also choose some runners up to receive a set of fridge magnets (how many is yet to be decided).

And! If your video is REALLY funny we may use it for promotional purposes. Or promoting porpoises.

Closing Date: Monsay 28th April. Winner will be announced in this thread on Monday 5th May


To enter this competition:

  • Post the link to your video here in this thread.
  • Make sure the video is commented with “Carmageddon Comedy Clip” and your Carmageddon forum name (so we know it’s your video!).

The winning entries will be announced on the forum after the competition closing date, and the competition winners will be contacted via private message for their full name and details to receive their prizes.


In case anyone out there doesn’t know, there is a handy utility called Fraps, which is FREE video capture software that allows you to record videos and take screenshots. Other utilities are available, but we use Fraps (proper bought copies!).

Also, note that you can turn off the HUD in Action Replay by pressing the. Del key on your PC keyboard numpad.

Inspection Cam Press C on the keyboard or Y on the Controller to change cameras Use the right analogue stick to orbit around the car

Free Look cam Press C or Y on the Controller to change cameras Keyboard/Mouse only I and K to go up and down J and L to go left and right Mouse to look around Left click go forwards (hold shift to speed up) Right click go backwards (hold shift to speed up)

By entering this competition you are accepting the Terms and conditions found here.